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Club Membership

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Club Membership

Membership at the Club is a great way to meet other expats and make new friends in Jakarta. Members enjoy genuine Indonesian hospitality in our beautiful tropical setting.

The club offers membership to all nationalities, provided they pass the screening test. This is in addition to our conscientious in-house security that makes The American Club a secure hideaway for all families.

The American Club fosters a healthy and convivial community atmosphere where sharing special time with family and friends is of the utmost importance.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing weekend with your family, a rejuvenating workout, or a business gathering with colleagues and partners – it’s here at The Club!

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Apply to Join

1. Fill out our membership form, and return it to us along with:

  • a copy of your passport
  • a copy of KITAS and
  • an original reference letter from your company.

2. Once your membership has been approved, our Membership Department will contact you for the payment process. We will activate your membership as soon as we receive your payment. Members are entitled to obtain a membership card and parking sticker after their membership has been activated.

3. There is a waiting list process for Non-American citizenship applications as we take time to process the membership application.

Guest/Non-Member Policy

All non members must be signed-in and accompanied by member at all time during their visit at the Club. Non members are not allowed to park their vehicle inside the Club premises. Guest fee applied for non member who would like to use the Club’s Facilities. All transactions made by non-members must settled by cash.

Member Benefits

Temporarily suspended due to the pandemic

The Club offers many benefits including :

  • Free WIFI
  • Kid’s Room
  • Youth Room
  • Playground, and many more.

The club also has a reciprocal agreement with the following international clubs below:

Europe :

  • St. James Hotel & Club, UK
  • The Lansdowne Club, UK

Canada :

    • The Hollyburn Country Club, Canada
    • Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, Canada
    • The Vancouver Club, Canada

United States :

  • Athletic Club of Colombus, Ohio
  • Marines Memorial Park, California
  • Club Corps, USA
  • The Pacific Club, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Australia :

  • Public School Clubs of Adelaide, Australia

New Zealand :

  • The Canterbury Club, New Zealand

Asia :

  • The American Club Hongkong
  • The American Club Taipei
  • Tokyo American Club, Japan
  • The American Club, Beijing
  • Royal Selangor Club, Malaysia
  • Royal Ipoh Club, Malaysia
  • Baguigio Country Club, Philippine
  • The British Club Bangkok, Thailand
  • The American Club, Singapore
  • Tower Club, Singapore
  • One 15 Marina Club, Singapore

Club Rules and Regulations

The American Club fosters a healthy and warm community atmosphere, where sharing special time with family and friends is paramount.


Membership Cards

Members must present their valid membership card to the entry guards voluntarily upon entering the Club premises, regardless of the number of entries in the day. Members must show their membership card when requested to do so by any authorized employee of the Club while on the premises.



Please ensure that your children behave in the Club. Members are responsible for the behavior of their children. Our Kid’s Room is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. Children above 6 years old can play in the Youth Room. All Children must play in a friendly manner.


No Pets

Please leave your pets at home as they’re not allowed at the club in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all members and guests.


Caregiver Pass

Caregiver pass is offered for a small one-time payment, caregiver are allowed to supervise children under 13 years old, could be family, nanny or staff appointed.

You can register your caregiver at the membership office.


Alcohol Consumption

You must be 21 years old or older to purchase beer, wine, or spirits at the Club.


Corkage Fee

Members may bring alcoholic beverages into the Club premises. We will add a small corkage fee.


Personal Information

If your personal information changes, please contact our Membership Department to update your information.


Club Tour

Please get in touch with our membership department for a Club “tour” appointment by sending an email to